Carlos Events
You can hire Carlos for the following types of events:
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Past performances and events:

International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2005/2007

Performed with the Brown Indian Band at the main stage during the festival in 2005 and fusion band KOHAM in 2007.

Jazz Festival, Goa

Performed with Jazz Junction at the event held in Panjim.

Jazz Festival, Bangalore

Was invited to jam with a german jazz band.

Habba Festival, Bangalore

Played with the Brown Indian Band.

Art & Culture Festival

Solo performance at Kala Academy in Panjim.

Fontainhas Festival

Solo performance at the main stage.

Wine Festival

Performed with Jazz Junction at the event held at the INOX courtyard.

Goa Festival, Delhi

Solo Performance at the Delhi Golf Club.

Irish Folk Orchestra, Dublin

Jammed with the orchestra for a couple of shows in Dublin.


International Artists

Grame Hamilton (UB40)
Apache Indian
Dennis Roland (Trombone)
Rene (Sax)

Indian Artists

Remo Fernandes
Merlin D'Souza (Keys)
Colin Bassman (Bass)
Braz Gonsalves (Sax)
Jazzy Joe (Sax)
Hari Kumar (Violin)
Gopalnath Kadri (Sax)
Frank Dube (Trumpet)
Tala (Sax)
Lester Godinho (Drums)
DJ Nikhil
DJ Pearl
DJ Troy
DJ Ajit