Remo Fernandes

Very few musicians in Goa try and go beyond the 'dance, wedding & restaurant' perimeter. Carlos has battled and broken through that perimeter wall a long time ago. Besides, he has a quality not many know of: unshakable loyalty to the band and band- mates playing with him at a particular moment. To my mind, this human value is worth more than even musical brilliance - of which he has plenty too. I wish Carlos wonderful things in life always.

Merlin D'souza

Carlos is truly a gifted percussionist and drummer and my musical encounters with him have truly been an exciting blend of skill, talent and spontaneity.
His roots in music make itself felt on stage and in the studios... His repertoire and genres span across Latin, Blues, Funk, Jazz and World music colours.

Ravi Chary

Carlos is the drummer of the new generation who will bring a revolutionary change to the way people view percussion in Goa. Young, dynamic and a dashing idol, with extraordinary talent to match, Carlos plays with unabashed class and elegance.

Colin D'Cruz

Carlos has a natural sense of rhythm and fits into just about any genre of music. Ten years after I first featured him in my latino band Obligato, he has grown into an accomplished percussionist and an ambassador of rhythm in Goa.

Milind Date

Carlos is a lovely personality and a sensitive percussionist. I have enjoyed performing with him, and I hope we shall be playing together a lot in the future too!

Herman Abreu

Carlos Gonsalves is the man to go to in Goa's percussion scene. His versatility and artistry compliments his love for improvisation!

Belinda Fernandes

Carlos knows how, when and where to strike the right beat straight from his heart... from rock to jazz to latin to funk... he knows it all!

Manish Pingle

Its always so much fun to play with Carlos. I love the sound of his drums and his sense of rhythm. It's extremely important for a good musician to be a good listener first. Carlos is very spontaneous and creative with his music on stage, as he is a great listener.

Mukesh Ghatwal

It's been always great fun playing with u.
Any kind of music weather it is rock, jazz or fusion,
You blend so well, without any confusion,
You made your way, 'talking drums' on a new stage,
A listener always swings on your solo and forgets their age.
You always been a nice person, a good friend and very kind,
Whenever we think of jamming Carlos is always in our mind.

Sujay Gupta

His drum beats open you to the joys of heaven. Life becomes a crescendo of rhythms and beats. When Carlos plays there is an ecstasy of celebration like a gushing clear mountain spring!